Q : Who  is Infa Enterprise LLC or uniformproducer.com?
A : QUALITY garments at a GREAT PRICE, with EXCELLENT customer service is Infa Enterprise LLC (IEL).
We are a Miami based innovative importer & manufacturer, specializing in quality garments.
We customize and create the best quality garments directly from the Factories under our “Cris * Iris” or “C&I brand”.
We bypass all the middle-men and deliver the products straight to YOU, our customer!
Our mission is to always provide parents with Affordable Price School Uniforms for their school season.
IEL is a School Uniform Store in Miami, Florida, USA & for the Caribbean Islands

Q : Do you have ‘MONEY BACK GUARANTEE’ policy?
A : The state of Florida does not have any laws that force merchants to accept a return of a purchased item. However, the state does require merchants to post a notice in the store regarding their “no returns accepted” policy. Without such a notice, consumers have the right to make a return within certain guidelines.
But Yes definitely! We are proud & stand by our products by giving you a 30 Days Money Back GUARANTEE’ on all of the products purchased in our Miami Store or online shopping uniformproducer.com
Please refer to our terms and conditions for details.

Q : Can I see & find out more on the products before I buy?
A : Yes, You are welcomed anytime, Just login with your email ID and receive OTP to you cell or email ID
We have set up Retail Store for our Complete Range School Uniforms, Back to School Stationary Kit, School Backpacks and associated schools products.
You can visit our retail store addressed at 2120 NW, 20th St, Miami, FL33142, Florida, USA
You are also able to see most of our products online as the size range and colors for majority of the schools remains the same year on year. While students grow out off it. We suggested you to buy one size bigger every season.

Please visit our ‘contact us’ page for the latest details of our current and future showrooms or if you would like to be a distributor.
We look forward to seeing you…

Q : Does your product come with any warranty?
A : All our products comply with the school county standards. We go one step ahead and TEST our products via SGS International Labs for Compliance on 50 Washes, Colorfastness and Resistance to Pilling.
For exact details on the warranty for a certain product, please click on the ‘warranty’ section of that product.

Q : What is meant by item’s availability is on pre-order? Do I pay for the item now or later?
A : Pre-order means the product has a high demand & is currently out of stock. Therefore we would recommend you to order and pay early to secure your pre-order product, which will then be dispatched on the specified date.

Q : What is the best way to contact Infa Enterprise LLC?
A : We operate Retail Store front and mail order business, therefore the best way is for you to decide on one of these below.
If you have any inquiry, please email us to saminfaltd@gmail.com, however if it relates to urgent sales inquiry, please ring the sales department team +13054569188 or Fax us +13056405981
If you have a complain or suggestions best is to send us an email sam@infaltd.com

Q : What methods of payment do you accept?
A : We accept Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Paypal via our secure Clover online transaction, OR Direct Bank Transfer, and Instant Bank Payment or Money Orders in favour of “Infa Enterprise LLC” are also accepted.

Q : How much is the delivery fee for my item?
A : Once you have selected your product(s) in the checkout basket and enter your address & postcode, it will then automatically calculate the delivery fee for you. For your peace of mind, your delivery fee can also includes the insurance if you need against loss and damages on your item during the transit that will come with a cost. We will update you for future.

Q : Why was my order cancelled?
A : Order Cancellation Reasons
We will be unable to fulfill your order/item if one of the following scenarios takes place:

Out of Stock
The item(s) you purchased is no longer available when we go to ship your order

Order Verification
We are unable to verify your billing/payment information. However is your bank a/c is debited and we did not receive the Credit yet, Please send us the screen shot of that transaction via email to saminfaltd@gmail.com for us to re-confirm with our bank.

Customized Prints or Designs Requirements
The merchandise purchased is in violation of one of the following requirements:

Team Licensing Restrictions
No slang, phrases or profanity will be accepted.
When we are unable to process an order, we will automatically cancel and refund your item. You will receive an email confirmation notifying you of this change. Once the refund is processed it can take up to 2-7 business days for this to reflect on your account statement.

Q : How can I find out when my item is arriving so I can be at home to accept it?
A : When your item is dispatched, you will be sent a confirmation email with your unique Tracking Number, then enter your Tracking Number into the courier’s website which we’ll provide for you to track and trace your item.
The courier company will provide a date of arrival however they can’t provide a specific time for the delivery as all depending on the location & traffic in those area. We recommend that somebody is present at home to sign & receive the delivery.

Q : When I’m buying more than 1 item, will they arrive at the same time?
A : Most of the times, your items that are purchased during the same day, will get to you on the same package. However in some occasions, multiple items can arrived on separate days as they may be separated due to short ship or out of stock or sold out. At that point you may receive them as partial shipment package and notification will be sent with your tracking info.

Q : What happen if I receive a damaged item?
A : It normally does not happen BUT just in case IF happens you can SEND BACK the product using the same courier company and we will replace it.

Q : How can I have information on your latest products?
A : Visit our website or if you subscribe we will send you promo and offers
You can subscribe to our free mailing service on our website which will provide you with the latest innovative information all the time and also information on when we having a SALE period so you can pass on the words to your loving ones

Q : Shipments
A : For purchses over US$100 IEL will pay the Freight Charges.
For purchses below US$100 ALL Courier/Freight Charges will be paid by the Buyer as per the below Cost :

International Shipping & Handling
Our international shipping policies are as follows: All prices on our site are in U.S. dollars (USD). Orders shipping with these methods ship via Courier Companies Each item that is purchased requires…
Date Updated: 04/05/2018

Domestic Shipping & Handling
Our shipping costs and time frames are listed below: Please note: Manufacturer Direct items cannot be expedited . Special Event Items can be expedited, however, your order will be held until these…
Date Updated: 04/05/2018

Partial Shipments
Most orders leave our warehouse within one business day of order processing. In some cases, orders with multiple items are shipped in more than one package. Below is a list of…
Date Updated: 04/05/2018

Q : Where can I see your full terms and conditions?
A : You can  click on the bottom of our website for our full terms and conditions.